Strong And Healthy Beard – Grow One Yourself


Beards are fashionable once again. In fact, they were never out of fashion in the first place. For centuries, beards and bearded men were regarded as masculine, strong and attractive. These days, things are pretty much the same. Walking down the streets, you can easily find a lot of men who sport amazing beards. However, there are many more of those who have not-so-amazing and somewhat scruffy beards.

So, what is the secret of those with magnificent beards? Well, the simple answer, they spend some time grooming their beards. Unlike others, they know what their beards need, to look healthy and voluminous. If you want to grow yourself a healthy and strong beard, let’s go over some of the most useful beard maintenance and growth tips.

Pay attention to your diet

22bgjgihJust like your hair, the quality of your beard also heavily depends on your food intake. Your entire body needs various minerals and vitamins to stay strong and healthy. The same goes for your beard, as it needs proper nutrition, as well. When growing a beard, your skin can get flaky, and your hair can easily get dry, which, in turn, can cause lots of beard dandruff and beard itch. To ensure a proper beard growth, make sure your diet contains large amounts of vitamins B1, B6, B12, and A, as well as Omega-3 fats.

Condition your beard with appropriate products

Conditioning your beard is a vital part of maintaining a healthy and strong look. There are some effective ways to condition your beard. For starters, make sure to find the appropriate products that are specifically formulated for exceptional beard care. Your best options here are beard oils and balms. Beard balms, especially, have become quite popular in recent years, as they have proven extremely effective at moisturizing the beard, thus improving its condition and the condition of the skin beneath. If you want to know which beard balms are the best, make sure to check out My Man Beard.

When looking for beard products, don’t forget to check out the ingredients. For the best results, go only with 100% natural products, if possible. Also, if you want your beard to smell as good as it looks, look for products that use essential oils for their scent, instead of fragrances.

Consider taking vitamin supplements

This is also about the food intake. It is a fact that not everyone can eat or afford super healthy food. Sometimes, it is very difficult to get all the necessary nutrients just from the food you eat. To ensure proper nutrition, you can add various multivitamin and mineral supplements to your diet. However, just like with beard products, make sure not to rush with the first supplement you come across. What you need are 100% natural supplements that contain no traces of any artificial substances. With natural products, you will ensure your beard’s health, as well as your overall health, in general.

Increase your testosterone levels

33lkgioIt is very well known that testosterone directly influences the growth and condition of all our body hairs. If you are struggling to grow a strong, masculine beard, it is highly likely that your testosterone levels are a bit low. The best and healthiest method of increasing your testosterone would be physical exercises. If you can spare some time, consider going to the gym or engaging in various outdoor physical exercises, like running, cycling or playing sports.