One core importance of owning a gun in the US is personal protection. People with this reasoning take their personal safety vital, and they do not want to compromise with it. Therefore most people seek to purchase the firearms with an intention of protecting their homes.

This makes a good reason. A gun can be used in case intruders, and criminals attack the family. In this situation, the gun holder is has a defense chance. At the end of the day, the number of crimes is reduced in the land.

Hunting and recreational activities

The second reason why weapons should be permitted is that the majority of the hunters in the US use them in hunting and other recreational activities. These weapons are designed for hunting purposes. The hunters obtain food from the game and also practice it as a sporting activity. Sick animals are taken care of when found by the hunters.2gggAC

In the process of hunting, predators are also minimized as they are capable of bringing loss to farmers in case they intrude the farm yard in the absence of the owner. Through hunting, a healthy population of wild animals is maintained. The animals caught can be traded enabling the hunter to earn income. A firearm is therefore held for hobby activities.

Shooting sport

The third reason why weapons need to be permitted in the US is the recreation and sports activities. Shooting sports is a competition that involves skill test in accuracy using guns. The sports encourages people to grow healthy. The government has put resources in supporting sports. Sports enable one to grow mentally and physically.

Through the sports, one gets relieved and relaxes off the monotony of routine. Through sports, team spirit is encouraged, and various methods of diversions evolve. At the end of the day, the health and physical fitness are achieved through sporting activity. The citizens can, therefore, live comfortably with fewer contractions of diseases.

Right to own

3eeeAnother reason as to why weapons are permitted is the fact that the constitution allows for gun ownership. The second amendment act of the US constitution protects the rights of people owning arms. Each individual has the right to own weapon. This will enhance self-defense and resistance to oppression.

The second amendment protects the people from being infringed for owning firearms for security purposes. Some people also own guns, Concealed Carry Weapons Permits in Michigan, it’s their right when they are in jobs especially the police and the army.