Consulting Electronic Security Product Manual For Cable Locations

You will be using a cable locator to detect the presence and approximate location of underground networks prior to carrying out any excavation works. Your electronic security products montreal manual will also mention that this device is also known as a cable avoidance or CAT tool. The use of this essential tool is necessary to help prevent any accidents from happening whilst carrying out excavation work.

The CAT instrument will be employing a number of detecting technologies. Such technologies will include radio frequencies, signal generation, the use of magnetic fields, the use of metal detectors and ground penetrating radar, as well as RFID. Ground penetrating radar, for instance, is a geophysical method that makes use of radar pulses. This use is designed to create an image of the subsurface.

It is a nondestructive method that uses electromagnetic radiation within the microwave band, measured at UHF and VHF frequencies. The microwave band forms part of the radio spectrum. It detects reflected signals from subsurface structures. Ground penetrating radar is applied to different forms of media. This includes rocks, ice, soil, fresh water, solid structures and pavements. Under the correct conditions, the engineers utilizing this radar can always detect subsurface objects, voids, cracks and changes in material properties.

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Ground penetrating radar is also known by its acronym, namely GPR. It is using high frequency radio waves. These are usually polarized. A GPR transmitter emits electromagnetic energy into the ground. When this energy detects a buried object, or boundaries between materials, it could be reflected back to the surface. The receiving antenna then records the variations picked up in the return signal. The principles applied here are similar to that in seismology. But the difference is that GPR works with electromagnetic energy instead of acoustic energy.